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Some samples made in winter 2017 by Jacques GAY for French and European violinists

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Jacques Gay was negotiator for 8 of them

photo of the workshop
Custom made chinrest by Jacques Gay
chinrest hand made by Jacques GAY
chinrest by Jacques Gay chinrest of Jacques Gay
chinrest hand made by Jacques Gay handmade chinrest to measure by Jacques Gay
jacques Gay en 2016

amphitheatre Violonis
I began making handmade chin-rests in 1980.
I have made more than 4000 chin-rests during all these years for world-famous violinists as well as for students.
As the students improve their level, it is very important at that time to discover the correct playing position for their whole body, which can free both technic and interpretation, in order to progress in the right way without self doubts.

chinrest of jacques Gay mentonniere jacques Gay sur mesure
Special Chinrest very flat made for a soloist who needed to hold the violin above the extreme side of the left lung of a violin which have flat voults.
On the right other special chinrest.
Jacques Gay Violin of Francesco Gobetti 1714
Jacques GAY in Aveyron France - His best Violin made in 1714 by the famous Venetian violin maker "Francesco Gobetti".

on the left: VIOLONIS Center where he organizes concerts, as well as he does custom made chin rests for violinists and viola players

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To check your need and get an appointment in order to improve definitely your violin position with you in my studio and workshop.